Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pauline Campbell - 5 years

It is so sad to think that it is five years since Pauline so tragically died on her daughter's grave.She was so fearless and passionate about the shameful and cruel way our prisons are run.According to official figures three hundred and thirty three people died between 1998 and 2009 . Even though juries have returned verdicts of unlawful killing no one has ever been called to account.Today the Morning Star reported  the appeal of Janet Alder and Marcia Rigg  to trade unionists in Glasgow to join them in their fight for justice. They both had a brother  who had died in custody, one fifteen years ago and the other in 2008.Janet and Marcia urged every one to support the United Families and Friends Campaign against police brutality and join in the annual  march to Downing Street in October. Pauline always spoke so well and never missed this opportunity  to voice her disgust Home Office and the justice system.
She was a suffragette for penal reform and is sorely missed.    

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Glenda Jackson MP

It was  so good to hear the truth about Margaret Thatcher's time in office as Prime Minister. I thought Glenda Jackson was magnificent when she spoke yesterday in the House of Commons about the legacy left by Margaret Thatcher.Greed and selfishness was certainly turned into a virtue by her. I remember old and tattered first reading books held together by sellotape and having to be shared in the reception classes during those years.We need to be reminded of the disasterous so-called Community Care, homeless people sleeping in shop doorways, young people coming out of universities with no prospect of a job. Mining communities are still suffering from her policies even today.Her indifference and contempt for working people  was incredible.She was not a woman on any ones terms as Glenda so rightly said. I was glad to hear a woman MP put the record straight